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Engage Students with the Free Film & #WeBelongInCollege Curriculum

Here you will find everything you need to engage students in creating their own #WeBelongInCollege stories using the #WeBelongInCollege Curriculum

In this video, Enoch Jemmott of PERSONAL STATEMENT explains the

#WeBelongInCollege campaign.


The free #WeBelongInCollege curriculum unit amplifies the power of the experience of engaging students in creating their own #WeBelongInCollege stories because it incorporates a screening of the film, PERSONAL STATEMENT. In the film, three high school students share their stories of struggling and persisting through the college process and into college.


You can request a free copy of the film if you want to use the #WeBelongInCollege curriculum unit with your students.


You can request a DVD and/or a streaming link so that your students can watch the film remotely and the curriculum includes a free digital slide presentation making this a great resource for both in-person AND remote, online instruction.  

You can watch the PERSONAL STATEMENT film trailer  here.


If you don’t have the PERSONAL STATEMENT film or don’t have time to screen it with your students, you can still engage them (remotely or in person) in creating their own stories using the #WeBelongInCollege Lesson Planwhich you can use with the free digital lesson plan slide presentation. 

Want to learn more about the #WeBelongInCollege curriculum?


Watch the WEBINAR for educators that was hosted by NCAN:

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