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STUDENTS: You can help others get to & through college by sharing your story and advice! Share YOUR #WeBelongInCollege story about a time when you questioned whether you belonged in college & how you persisted. You'll qualify for a $1,000 #scholarship! 

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Just because you struggle does NOT mean you don't belong in college! Share your story so other students know they're not alone & to qualify for a $1,000 #scholarship! For tips & to watch example stories head to:

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In just 5 minutes you can qualify for a $1,000 #scholarship! By creating and sharing your #WeBelongInCollege story you will also inspire other students to persist! For info go to:

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& free film

ATTN Educators!! You can use the FREE #WeBelongInCollege curriculum to help your students persist to & through college! Request a FREE DVD and/or streaming links of the PERSONAL STATEMENT film to use with the FREE #WeBelongInCollege digital curriculum. It's perfect for online/remote and in-person instruction!! Go to:


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& free film

Hurry! You can get one of the 500 remaining free copies of the film, PERSONAL STATEMENT, to engage your students in creating their own #WeBelongInCollege stories using the free #WeBelongInCollege curriculum. The curriculum is digital and the film can be streamed so it works for remote instruction! Go to:

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