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#WeBelongInCollege Stories

about college students

Transitioning to College

Nicki's Story

On the very first day of college Nicki was horrified when she walked into the wrong class. But her slip-up became a step-up when she opened up to her peers and her professor about how humiliated she was.

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Entering a new environment can be scary. It's even worse when the process of enrolling in classes and getting financial aid seems designed to make things as difficult as possible. Karoline reminds us that although the system may seem like it's out to get us, you should remember that we're all in this together, and if we help each other, we can figure it out. 

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As a commuter student, Chris struggled socially in college. It seemed that the other students, especially those who were dorming, were socially engaged in a way he wasn’t. So he came up with a strategy that worked and ended up benefiting many other students who were also eager to make more social connections.

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Karoline's Story

Chris' Story

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