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#WeBelongInCollege Stories

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Struggling with the

College Application Process

Cheryl's Story

Melanie's Story

Heide's Story

Cheryl’s story show how good college counseling can make all the difference. When Cheryl finally had the support of a well-trained college counselor, she was finally able to make her college dreams come true! 

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Melanie dreamed of going to college. However, applying to college was daunting because she didn’t have the guidance and support that she needed. As a result, she started to question if she belonged. It was when she and her peers managed to help each other navigate the college process that she realized that they all belong in college!

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Heide was always a great student. However, when she struggled with the college application process, she began to wonder if she belonged. If she could get to college, she would be the first person in her family to do so. In her story she explains how she overcame her fears and continued to reach for her college dreams.

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Daniela, who is a first generation college student, talks about how she managed to get the help she needed to apply to college, including filling out the FAFSA and applying for scholarships. 

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As a first generation college student, Timothy felt quite lost during his college application process. His path changed when he decided to go to his college counselor’s office.

Jackie was discouraged from applying to college by her school counselor. Refusing to give up, Jackie searched for and found the support that she needed and got into every school that she applied to.

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Daniela's Story

Timothy's Story

Jackie's Story

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