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#WeBelongInCollege Stories

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Finding Their “Why”

Embrea's Story

Wilkerlyne's Story

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Embrea lost her drive to apply to college when she was dealing with emotional challenges at the beginning of her senior year. But when she discovered her passion for veterinary medicine while working on a school project, she knew she belonged in college and found the motivation she needed to get through the college process.

Wilkerlyne always knew she wanted to be a nurse but she started to question if she belonged in college when she attended a college fair. A college rep told her that she did not seem “like a college graduate” and only reluctantly shared a pamphlet. But Wilkerlyne refused to let a naysayer keep her from believing in herself.

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Lesley never thought of going to college because somehow she had gotten the idea that she wasn't “college material.” Then one day she had a conversation with her school counselor who helped her realize that anyone who wants to go to college can and that she DOES belong in college.

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Roger had no interest in college until he took a drama class in high school. Everything changed when he discovered his passion for filmmaking and started creating videos with his friends.

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Lesley's Story

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Roger's Story

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