#WeBelongInCollege Stories


 Managing Family Obligations

Gregory's Story

Throughout high school, Gregory found it hard to focus as much as he wanted to on sports and academics. This is because of the many family obligations he had. He has always helped care for his four siblings and his family has had to move around quite a bit. The college process was just one more thing he didn't have time to focus on, but he realized that “just because the process is hard doesn’t mean that you don’t belong.”

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After her parents divorced, Jia had to work in her family's restaurant to help support the family. She found herself questioning if she belonged in college. But she was inspired by her’s mother’s determination to thrive despite the hardships they faced and decided to do the same and to continue to reach for her college dreams.

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 After being fired from her job, Cha questioned if she belonged in college.  She doubted she would have the time to work, focus on school and take care of her kids. In her story she shares how she “never thought college was possible” yet never stopped working towards her higher education goals. 

Jia's Story

Cha's Story