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Example #WeBelongInCollege Stories

about college students who are

Dealing with Racism

Enoch's Story

Enoch has found it hard to focus on school lately because he is sickened to live in a world that oppresses people based on the color of their skin. As a result he has started to question whether he belongs in college. But for the first time ever, it feels like some major changes are possible, including in his college. And he is here for that!

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Gerolly's Story

Joan's Story

As a person of color in a predominantly white institution interested in studying race and class, Gerolly felt the need to enhance the dialogue in her classes and on her campus. Hear from Gerolly how this helped her gain a greater sense of belonging.

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Joan knows too many students of color who don’t feel that they belong in college because “they can’t stand the environment on campus.” In her story, she asks the question that we should all be asking: how are we going to transform higher education so that ALL students will feel like they belong?

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Being one of the few black students in a predominantly white institution was challenging in many ways. Hear from Daylee, who found support by connecting with other students of color.

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It took awhile for Andrew to feel comfortable as a person of color in a predominantly white college. But when he felt discriminated against by someone he thought was his friend, he started to once again question if he belonged.

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Karoline worries that  her white peers will continue to remain silent during conversations about race when classes resume at the predominantly white institution she attends. She has decided that she will not let their silence make her question if she belongs: "We are not going to let their silence extinguish the power in our voices."

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Elsimel started questioning if she belonged in college when she realized how expensive it was. Once there, she found it challenging to be in an environment with so few students like her. The stress took a toll on her mental health and that affected her studies. In her story she shares how she nevertheless managed to persist.

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Daylee's Story

Andrew's Story

Karoline's Story

Elsimel's Story

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