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#WeBelongInCollege Stories


Coping with the Pandemic 

Jazmyn's Story

Gozong's Story

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Although the health crisis has affected Jazmyn’s life, she has found a silver lining: she has discovered a talent and a passion that she never knew she had.

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There were so many senior year rituals that Gozong was looking forward to - she even had a strategy to win prom queen! And then came COVID. She started to regret not spending more time with her friends when she had the chance. The pandemic also made her realize how much her family needs her. Going away to college now feels like abandoning her family, which is making her question if she should go to college. 

Eboni has big dreams, but since the pandemic hit, she has lost her two part-time jobs. Now she doesn’t know if she will have the money she needs to be able to attend college. Like so many students, she’s struggling to figure out how to keep working towards her higher education goals. 

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Olivia is painfully aware of all the senior year rituals she is going to miss out on because of the health crisis. She’s also worried about her dad losing his job and how that would affect her ability to pay for college. She is already bracing for the possibility that she won’t be able to afford to attend her dream school.

Eboni's Story

Olivia's Story

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