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#WeBelongInCollege Stories

about college students

Coping with the Pandemic 

Serena's Story

Darius' Story

Amber's Story

Selena's Story

There is nothing more inspiring than someone who is in the midst of their own struggle and chooses to dedicate themselves to helping others. Serena shares her story because she wants to help other students who are figuring out how to cope with the pandemic. 

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Darius has always helped his mother take care of his younger siblings. After being laid off from his job due to the pandemic, he worried about his family and questioned whether he would be able to stay in college. In his story, he explains how he managed to stay positive and found that “there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

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Returning home from college and figuring out how to focus on her studies and stay healthy has been a real challenge for Amber. Now she has some really great advice to share: “Get on a schedule. Everyone’s saying it - BECAUSE IT WORKS!”

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As a first generation student, things were hard for Selena before the COVID-19 outbreak. Since the pandemic struck, she lost her job and is now taking classes from home. In her story she talks about her struggle to continue to believe that she belongs in college.

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Like many students throughout the country, Enoch has been struggling to adapt to online learning and social distancing. In his story, he shares one coping strategy that has been helping him get through this crisis.

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Karoline is grateful to her college for letting her stay in her dorm room during the pandemic. But living in "lock-down" in a dorm room  is tough, and she constantly worries about her family members who are sick. In. her story Karoline describes the self-care strategies that are helping her persist.

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As a DACA recipient, Samantha couldn’t qualify for any federal financial aid. After her father was deported and she had to work full time to support her mother and siblings, she started to question her college plans. Read her story to understand how she came to believe that, despite the many barriers she faces, she belongs in college.


Like so many other students, Rita’s life has been upended by COVID-19. Both she and her mother have lost their jobs and they can no longer afford their home. She doesn’t know what the future holds, but one thing she does know “for sure is that I belong in college.”

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Enoch's Story

Karoline's Story

Samantha's Story


Rita's Story

Kylee's Story

Kylee was doing well in her classes when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. But she lost her job when her college sent students home. Without her salary, she isn't sure if she will be able to pay her tuition. Yet she still  believes that she belongs in college. 

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Evan lost his only source of income due to COVID-19. He decided to stay in the dorm to avoid exposing his family to the coronavirus. In his story he shares how he is struggling to focus on his course work and to continue to believe that he belongs in college.

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Evan's Story

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